Regular parking garage cleaning is essential for three important reasons.

First and foremost, your parking garage will be many of your guests’ introduction to your property. Whether you’re welcoming customers to your shopping center or residents to your multifamily community, a dingy, soiled parking garage is going to set a poor tone for their overall experience.

Second, a dirty parking garage is a safety hazard. Every vehicle that rolls through a parking garage could deposit oil on its surface. Your guest is not going to have a good time on your property if they fall and hurt themself. You are not going to have a good time if they sue you. Lawyers seldom do pro bono work for property managers and the average slip and fall settlement costs between $15,000 and $45,000.

Finally, a dirty parking garage inevitably becomes a damaged parking garage. Caustic road salt (which is an especially big problem in the Twin Cities metro, where approximately 349,000 tons of deicing products are used every year), abrasive sand and dirt, and staining motor oil all quickly take a toll on asphalt and other hard surfaces.

In short, regularly cleaning your parking garage will ensure your guests have a good experience, as well as save you significant money in the grand scheme of things. That only begs one question: How do you know when your parking garage needs cleaning?

5 Signs You Need to Clean Your Parking Garage

  1. Littering is an increasing problem. Ideally, your guests would act with a little class and never make an impromptu landfill out of your parking garage. But when you start to notice more litter in your garage than usual, take it as a sign. Psychological research tells us that people are less likely to litter in a space that is clean than one which has become dirty.
  2. Guests are complaining. Store customers are known to complain about the state of a filthy parking garage as well, but apartment tenants have even more right to gripe about the problem. All that dirt and grime will wear out a vehicle’s paint job at an accelerated pace. Plus, loose debris on the ground can puncture tires.
  3. Multiple oil stains are present. Oil doesn’t just make a garage unsightly and potentially dangerous. Oil also gradually dissolves asphalt! And since most parking garage surfaces are made of asphalt, the odds are that oil stains will damage your own.
  4. Crime has increased. Scoundrels prefer doing their illicit deeds in places they believe aren’t closely supervised. They know that a clean parking garage is presided over by an attentive property manager who probably has the police on speed dial. A parking garage with lots of graffiti and litter, on the other hand, is prime real estate for grand theft auto and drug use.
  5. Visible grime has accumulated. No one is claiming that your parking garage has to pass a white glove test. But if you’ve noticed that some or all of your parking garage’s surfaces have become visibly dirty, then it is time to get an estimate from H2Overhaul.

Schedule Your Parking Garage Cleaning Now

H2Overhaul is standing by to serve the greater Twin Cities area for all its commercial and residential parking garage needs. Our high-tech Seg Pro System scours hard surfaces free of salt, sand, oil, dirt and grime in a matter of hours, and we can even repaint your spaces’ striping to completely renew your parking garage. We hope to show you the value of our services soon!

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