Minnesota has the sixth highest rate of homeownership in the country. (Eat your heart out, Michigan.) Our abnormally high number of proud homeowners means there is a healthy market for property maintenance services here in the Twin Cities, and H2Overhaul certainly owes a lot of our success to that fact.

When our team isn’t hard at work power washing townhome complexes, garages and parking ramps, we’re helping homeowners keep their roofing, siding, driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks sparkling clean. Our clients love seeing years of caked on dirt, grime and air pollution go away like they were vanished by magic!

Most people are familiar with the fundamentals of power washing: a high pressure beam of water scours a surface clean in seconds. But our homeowner clients often ask a few basic questions about power washing before they engage H2Overhaul’s services. That’s why we’re going to share the five things every homeowner should know about power washing – right now!

1. A Power Washer Can’t Wash Everything

Unfortunately, magic doesn’t actually spout out of the nozzle of a power washer. Pressurized water can actually damage a lot of things! Our team is extremely cautious about never damaging our clients’ property, but it’s important for you to keep your expectations for our work realistic. These are the things you must never power wash:

Light fixtures
Air conditioners
Electrical panels
Asphalt shingles
Wood and plastic furniture
Crumbling concrete and old mortar
Fabric (such as awnings and patio umbrellas)
Windows (unless you’re putting Frédéric Bastiat’s theory to the test)

2. Power Washers Are Much More Powerful Than Garden Hoses

The average pressure of a residential water faucet is 40 to 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). With a professional grade nozzle, a garden hose can achieve up to 250 PSI. In contrast, a pressure washer is powerful to the tune of 1,400 to 4,000 PSI.

In simpler terms, a pressure washer can be up to 100 times more powerful than your garden hose. That’s why a power washer is potent enough to severely damage your skin. That’s also why hiring a professional power washing service like H2Overhaul is a whole lot safer in the grand scheme of things!

3. Power Washing Will Preserve Your Home’s Paint

Our residential services include power washing siding. Too much pressure can damage vinyl, stucco, wood or aluminum siding, but with the right technique we can usually find a way to clean these surfaces all the same.

Pressure washing siding doesn’t just make a home’s exterior look nicer. It actually helps to preserve the paint, which allows our clients to postpone the far more expensive and tedious chore of repainting their entire home exteriors.

4. Power Washing Is Like Kryptonite to Mold and Mildew

Fungi including mold and mildew don’t stand an icicle’s chance in Houston against a power washer. We may deem it necessary to add a mild bleach solution to the water when we’re dealing with mold and mildew, as that provides the deep-penetrating sterilization which permanently eradicates any “living stains” that have colonized brick, mortar and concrete.

Vanquishing mold and mildew serves much more than an aesthetic purpose. Chronic exposure to these lifeforms can cause a wide range of allergic reactions including sneezing, irritated eyes and skin rash, and may also increase the risk of asthma attacks. Power washing helps you breathe easier!

5. Power Washing Can Increase Your Home’s Market Value

“Curb appeal” simply describes the positive impression a home makes on its potential buyer at first glance. If you’re preparing your home for market, then you’ve no doubt considered updating its landscaping and hardscaping, reducing clutter, and adding a touch of paint here and there.

But don’t overlook the power of power washing! Potential homebuyers may not consciously notice that your driveway, walkway, patio, siding, deck and pool are all sparkling clean. Subconscious perception, however, is an altogether different story. When presented with two otherwise identical objects, the human mind will reflexively assign greater value to the one which is cleaner.

Is exploiting the human subconscious ethical? Absolutely – so long as it means you get to sell your home sooner and we get to power wash more stuff.

There’s one more thing any homeowner in the Twin Cities metro should know about power washing: H2Overhaul does it best. Contact us today for a free estimate for any part of your home’s exterior or immediate surroundings, and don’t forget that we’re also the ones to beat when it comes to residential garage cleaning and parking garage cleaning!