You’re apprehensive about hiring a new contractor. Rightly so. Everybody knows somebody with a contractor horror story. You may even have dealt with a dishonest contractor yourself, and don’t care to relive the experience.

A pressure washing company has just as many opportunities to take advantage of their clients as any other roofer, plumber, painter or carpenter. Just because their area of expertise is a little less technical doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily perform the exceptional work you expect them to. That’s why it’s crucial to be certain of a pressure washing service before you hire them.

H2Overhaul has provided pressure washing throughout the Twin Cities metro for far too long to have gotten away with any unscrupulous practices. If we cut any corners, word would have gotten out and caught up with us by now. That’s why we feel especially qualified to share the 6 things you should know before hiring a pressure washing company!

1. What Are Their Credentials?

A pressure washing provider should have all the same credentials as any other contractor. You might ask this person to direct a high-powered beam of pressurized water directly at your house. They could do serious damage – especially if they pressure wash the wrong things! That’s why they had better be licensed, bonded and insured, as well as possess any other credentials a reputable contractor must-have.

2. How Do They Do the Job?

You may not be especially interested in pressure washing, but whoever does the job for you should. Ask them how they clean a driveway, a roof, siding or a parking garage; they ought to be delighted to explain their full process in detail. They should also have a comprehensive order of operations for each specific type of surface they could be asked to clean.

If the power washing professional you reach out to seems aloof or disinterested – or explains that he does the same thing with a patio that he would do to a roof – then he’s no professional at all. In the business, we call that “just a guy with a pressure washer.” Big difference!

As a side note, also ask a pressure washing company what kinds of equipment and cleaning agents they use. We don’t expect you to completely understand their answer, but their failure to provide one may indicate that they’re inexperienced, not passionate about their work, or using low-quality equipment.

3. Do They Have a Good Track Record?

4.5 stars on Google Reviews. 4.7 stars on HomeAdvisor. 4.8 stars on Angi. We don’t offer our own ratings so we can brag about how well we’ve treated our past clients. We just want to give an example of what your pressure washing company’s track record should look like. (Okay, maybe we’re bragging just a little bit, but we are proud of what we do.)

You already know what to do whenever a company reviews poorly. And while we do empathize with the guy who’s just starting out, be wary of a company that has no online presence or reviews. That could indicate a lack of experience.

4. How Much Do They Charge?

If you have the time, get a few price quotes from multiple pressure washing companies in your area. This will give you a reasonable estimation of what you should expect to pay for pressure washing, and also help you avoid a company that’s trying to gouge those who are unfamiliar with their industry’s pricing.

But be wary of suspiciously low-priced work, too! These companies aren’t performing a charity. They’re out to make a profit, and if they do that by cutting corners and performing shoddy work then they’re not worth your hard-earned money.

5. How Long Do They Take?

The amount of time that pressure washing will take hinges entirely on the project. A two-car garage’s driveway is nothing compared to the exterior of a 6,000 square foot house. But a capable pressure washing company should be able to give you a reasonable estimate of how long they’ll have to spend on site, and you’ll want that information so you can plan your own schedule accordingly.

6. Do They Stand Behind Their Work?

Ask a pressure washing professional if they guarantee the work they do. Ask what measures they’ll take if their work falls short of your expectations. If they pledge to stand behind their work and leave you completely satisfied, then they satisfy one of our industry’s most important criteria.

Do you need some practice asking a local pressure washing company all of these questions? Then we welcome you to begin with H2Overhaul! Contact us today for a free estimate, and we’ll give you examples of exactly how these questions should be answered – not to mention superlative pressure washing service, if you hire us. You can also check out our pressure washing FAQ page for more questions to ask and our answers!