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Founder and owner, James Young, built H2Overhaul, a Twin Cities pressure washing company, from the ground up. He takes great pride and satisfaction in a job well done.

H2Overhaul traces its roots back to over 30 years ago. Eager to provide for my wife and young child, I moved from North Dakota to Minnesota to accept a job I had been offered.

Upon my arrival, I discovered that job lacked any long-term stability. As my options were few and my cash was running out, I was fortunate to have a good friend who set me up with some cleaning accounts.

Few would consider janitorial work ideal, but I was immensely grateful for the means to support my family. I learned my new industry’s best practices, undertook every project with enthusiasm, hustled every day, and, over the course of two decades, built a business I was proud to call my own. The roof over my family’s head, the dinner on the table, the shoes on my kids’ feet – these were all paid for by hard and honest janitorial work.

As my children grew older and I entered my forties, I looked ahead to another couple decades or so of waxing floors and cleaning offices. This is fine work, to be certain, although I was ready to get some fresh air and begin working daylight hours.

I toyed with several business concepts, but my mind always returned to cleaning. I had learned to enjoy the hard work, as well as the satisfaction of stepping back at the end of every job to appreciate the results.

That’s when I thought of pressure washing. It fit neatly within my experience and values, would let me play with a new set of toys, and also provide an opportunity to serve a whole range of new clients. I also appreciated that Minnesota is the ideal market for a pressure washing service: a state with harsh weather that heavily impacts parking surfaces and building exteriors, and also where people take great pride in their property.

Before long, I had mastered the equipment and identified aspects of the pressure washing business which I was uniquely qualified to improve upon. The community received my open and earnest approach to power washing well. Fourteen years later, I stepped back once again – this time not to appreciate an office I had finished cleaning, but an entire business that I had built from the ground up with nothing but the sweat of my brow.

When you hire H2Overhaul, located right near the Minneapolis metro, you’re not just getting high-quality pressure washing. You’re getting a tight-knit, family-oriented business built on a foundation of sound principles and respect for a job done right. And as I’m now a proud grandfather with seven grandchildren, I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the future.

– James Young, founder and owner of H2Overhaul

James Young | H2Overhaul Owner
James Young, Owner
Anthony Young | Lead Power Washing Technician
Anthony Young, Lead Technician
Demetrius Daniels | Pressure Washing Technician
Demetrius Daniels, Technician

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