Pressure Washing


Please read through this page for answers to H2Overhaul’s most frequently asked questions.

Do you provide sweeping services?

We recommend that all garages be swept before pressure washing. This saves a lot of time and results in a better finished product. We partner with a local sweeping company to ensure a professional sweep has been completed prior to washing.

What time do you normally start?

For most projects, we ask that the garage be empty at 8 AM for sweeping. This ensures we have sufficient time to finish by day’s end. Larger projects may require more than one day to complete.

Do all cars need to be moved to clean the garage?

We highly recommend that ALL vehicles be moved prior to cleaning. There are two reasons for this mandate: 1) Liability 2) Thoroughness. H2Overhaul is not liable for any accidental damage to vehicles during a garage cleaning. Additionally, any parking spaces with cars in them simply cannot be cleaned. It behooves all parties to have all vehicles removed before pressure washing.

Can you remove oil stains?

Concrete is naturally porous, which means oil stains can lie deep beneath the surface. Even with the use of hot water application and a high-powered scrubber, sometimes the stains simply cannot be extracted. Still, we are very confident in our ability to thoroughly wash away surface dirt and buildup.

Won’t the Seg-Pro move too fast to properly scrub the floors?

Our Seg-Pro cleaning system increases our efficiency exponentially. It is not, however, a shortcut. While we are in a “scrubbing mode,” we don’t move much faster than on foot. We take our time to ensure that the surfaces are scrubbed thoroughly. The Seg-Pro system reduces wear and tear on our crew and greatly reduces travel time around the facility. Translation: a job well done and less time in your space!

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