Too many commercial and multi-family property managers overlook the absolute necessity of a clean parking garage. Although drab and utilitarian, this structure will inform most of your guests’ first impressions of your property.

Have you heard of the primacy effect? It’s the psychological principle that holds that people tend to best recall the first information they’re presented with. It also explains why someone who visited your property is more likely to remember the trash and grime in its parking garage than they are the rest of the building.

A clean parking garage also resists corrosion, lasts longer, prevents slip and fall injuries (not to mention lawsuits), and deters rodents and other pests from moving in. In short, if you have a parking garage, you cannot afford to let it get dirty! That’s why we’re going to share our top tips on how to maintain a clean parking garage.

Keep Your Garage Free of Trash

We admit this advice sounds a little too on the nose – like we’re telling you to clean your parking garage in order to keep it clean. But the value of regular trash removal extends beyond the immediate and obvious benefit.

The broken windows theory explains that visible signs of antisocial behavior only serve to encourage additional anti-social behavior. Now, people littering in your parking garage is arguably not the most egregious example of urban decay we could come up with. But this doesn’t change the fact that people are more likely to litter when they see that litter is already present. Nip that undesirable conclusion in the bud by keeping litter out of sight!

In addition to telling your staff to go and pick up trash, the best way to discourage littering in your parking garage is to make plenty of trash receptacles available. People become more likely to litter the longer they have to carry around their trash. But if they can see a trash bin, they’re probably going to save their rubbish for it.

Sweep on a Regular Basis

A little broom work here and there goes a long way! But you don’t have to sweep every square inch of your parking garage every time you break out the broom. Just the well-lit and most heavily traveled areas, especially around the entranceway where the sunlight hits.

Even if they only do so subconsciously, your guests will appreciate it when they see one of your team members sweeping your parking garage. They’ll reason that you care about maintaining your property (which you do). The simple act of watching others clean brings people a certain sense of satisfaction as well. Did you know that YouTube channels that only feature videos of people cleaning attract several million viewers? If nothing else, at least you can capitalize on the trend!

Schedule Professional Parking Garage Cleaning

Of course, a maintenance guy with a broom selectively sweeping heavily trafficked parts of your parking garage can only do so much. To maintain a truly clean parking garage, you have to engage a professional with the experience and the equipment to do the job right.

Even the most vigorous sweeping isn’t going to eradicate unsightly stains and chewing gum, corrosive salt and oil slicks. Not to mention, the deeply embedded dirt and grime that gradually forces concrete to erode away. To get rid of those obstinate problems, you have to use a pressure washer.

If your property is located in the Twin Cities metro area, you specifically want parking garage power washing by H2Overhaul. Our high-tech Seg Pro System deep cleans concrete garage floors with a continuous torrent of hot water. This frees up embedded dirt, grime, stains, and other filth to yield a like-new surface. The Seg Pro System won’t just ensure your parking garage makes a great first impression – it will appreciably lengthen the lifespan of your parking garage as well!

Having an immaculate parking garage is as easy as hiring our locally owned and operated business. Please contact us today for your free estimate!