Garage or Parking Ramp
Power Washing

The life of your building’s garage or parking ramp can be lengthened by having H2Overhaul regularly power wash it free of debris, such as salt and sand.

Winter in Minnesota wreaks havoc on our roads. Freezing temperatures and abundant snow and ice all require the copious application of road salt. Unfortunately, that salt is corrosive, and every car and truck that arrives in your building’s garage or parking ramp only deposits more of it there.

To make matters worse, those same vehicles are also depositing sand year-round. Regular sweeping helps, but it is not sufficient to prevent the gradual damage that results from long-term sand accumulation.

If you want to prevent permanent damage to the surface of your parking garage or parking ramp, then thorough removal of all that salt and sand is required. Fortunately for you, H2Overhaul is here to help with our pressure washing services in the Twin Cities area!

Our thorough cleaning process leaves parking surfaces spotless. First, we utilize professional grade sweeping equipment to clear the surface of debris. We then use our state-of-the-art Seg Pro System to deep scrub the surface with hot water. This frees up and completely removes embedded dirt and grime, which not only makes your garage or parking ramp look brand new – it also significantly lengthens its lifespan.

We additionally offer striping services and exterior townhome cleaning. So you can count on a single contractor to totally rejuvenate your property and parking surfaces. Your residents, guests, or customers are bound to take note of your immaculate parking area!

Parking Garage Cleaning Services

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