Townhome Complex
Power Washing Services

Does your complex need townhome cleaning? Thanks to our power washing services, we are equipped to clean your parking surfaces, roofing, and/or siding with minimal disruption.

H2Overhaul has had the honor of working with a great many townhome communities throughout the Minneapolis-St Paul areas. Whether you would like your community’s parking surfaces restored to like new condition or you require assistance getting years of caked-on dirt and grime off of your community members’ townhomes, consider H2Overhaul, your HOA’s friendly and reliable partner in the pressure washing business.

Our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment let us power wash any type of siding or roofing without risking damage to it. And unlike many other companies that offer power washing, we have specialized in our craft. That means we have the commercial-grade equipment and the manpower needed to power wash even the largest townhome communities efficiently and thoroughly. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a service that is only equipped to wash single houses at a time!

We also understand the unique needs of HOAs. Your residents want courteous, unobtrusive service that will improve their lives – not complicate them. We’re committed to creating value every way we’re able while you’ve welcomed us to your community, and that includes minimizing the impact our work has on your residents’ privacy and routines.

No townhome community is too big or too small, so give H2Overhaul a call!

Twin Cities Townhome Cleaning

Call H2Overhaul for townhome cleaning, so your community can look new again.