It’s usually easy to appreciate why a professional’s work is going to be better than an amateur’s.

Take sports, for example. Your company softball team might be pretty good, especially when your pitcher gets a few beers in him. But if your team played against the Minnesota Twins, it would be a bloodbath. Or suppose you were to replace the current director of the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant with someone who only studies nuclear energy for fun. It’s safe to say Monticello would become a glow-in-the-dark crater within a matter of minutes.

Despite this, many people don’t realize why professional power washing is better than DIY. We don’t blame them. They might only think that power washing boils down to simple point-and-spray because they haven’t studied its finer points. They probably also haven’t spent thousands of hours perfecting the craft. In fact, power washing is just like any other skill. This means that a professional power washing job is incomparable to what someone who just picked up a nozzle for the first time is capable of doing on their lonesome.

Professional Power Washing Is Safer For Your Health

The water pressure of the average garden hose is 40 to 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). The water pressure of the average gasoline-powered power washer? That’s 2,000 to 2,800 PSI, which is more than double the amount of PSI needed to puncture human skin. There’s little wonder why the CDC felt the need to create an entire pressure washer safety page on their website. 6,000 Americans went to the emergency room for power washer-related injuries in 2014 alone!

We’re not pretending that our job is as dangerous as that of the U.S. Army 3rd Field Artillery Regiment. But the equipment we use on a daily basis is indeed capable of inflicting severe injuries. Consider the amount of time we also spend scaling ladders and balancing on rooftops, and it’s easy to see why power washing is dangerous. As well as why professional power washers have to be uniquely qualified to minimize the risks inherent to our trade.

It Is Safer For Your Property

We hear about it all the time: Someone power washes a part of their house that isn’t designed to withstand an intensely powerful jet of water. Which winds up footing a hefty repair bill as the result.

Power washing your house without prior knowledge of what can and cannot be safely power washed is like trying to drive a herd of cattle across a minefield. Power washing wood siding can damage electrical wiring and breed mold. Even though it’s engineered to weather heavy rain, power washing an electrical panel is a one-way ticket to disaster. Power washing your roof’s asphalt shingles guarantees virtually the same result as ripping them all out by hand. The list of things you mustn’t power wash is a mile long!

And we have memorized that list. Whereas a DIYer has to approach a power washing project with the utmost caution as they worry about what can and cannot be power washed, we’re able to make short work of the same project by reflexively avoiding no-go zones. Plus, our clients are always delighted to enjoy pristine properties without risking serious property damage in the process.

Professional Power Washers Are More Effective

We don’t only know what to avoid when pressure washing – we also know the correct techniques to wash away most tough stains. Whereas a layman’s power washing job isn’t likely to scour a surface free of motor oil, rust and algae, we’re well-versed in the pressure levels needed to remove those stains. We can do this without damaging the underlying surface.

We also use professional-grade equipment. So we never make the mistake of bringing a power washer designed to clear a residential driveway to a 150,000 square foot multi-level parking garage. Additionally, because we’re fully compliant with city ordinances and the EPA’s Clean Water Act, our work is certain never to harm the environment or incur a nasty fine.

Professional Power Washing Is Faster and Easier

Picture your perfect Saturday. It probably involves spending time with your friends and family, doing lake-related activities, and plenty of relaxing. It probably doesn’t include lugging around heavy equipment, ascending ladders, and listening to the drone of a compressor all day.

In simple terms, if an amateur would take all day to complete a power washing project, our professionals could probably have done it in a few hours. All the other benefits of professional power washing aside, just knowing that we can save you from hours of grueling labor ought to be all it takes to contact H2Overhaul today for a free estimate.

And if you live or work in the Twin Cities metro, that’s exactly what we hope you’ll do. H2Overhaul of Burnsville, Minnesota is always standing by to clean garages, parking ramps, townhomes and single-family houses. Our work is safe, effective and time-saving because power washing is all that we do!